Bill Wasmund: Martial Arts Involvement, 1974 to Present

8th Dan Black Belt
Master instructor, President, and owner of Royal West Martial Arts
Secretary/General of American KyuKi Do Federation, 1994-2000
Editor-in-Chief of “AKF Newsletter”
Co-Author of KyuKi DO, the official AKF Training Manual
AKF Regional Director for Wisconsin, 1979-2000
Announcer at all AKF Events
Author of AKF Guidebook for Instructors
Author of Dead Frogs Don’t Jump, Conversations With the Master
Author of Fragmented Man

Achievements and Awards
1979 Flying Dragons Best Instructor Award
1980 AKF Best Assistant Instructor Award
1981 AKF Most Contributions Award
1982 Flying Dragons Outstanding Service Award
1983, 1985 AKF Most Dedicated Award
1984, 1987 AKF Outstanding Instructor Award
1991 AKF Black Belt Man of the Year Award
Twice named to Who’s Who in American Martial Arts
Named to Oxford’s Who’s Who of Extraordinary Professionals
2008 Most Dedicated Award in the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame
2008 received Doctorates from the University of Asian Martial Arts Studies:  Doctorates of Martial Arts Philosophy and Martial Arts Science; Ph.D./Ma.D.Sc
2009 Multi-Diciplined Master of the Year, USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Have been sent to other states to test students and give seminars on business, Okinawan weapons and philosophy:
1985 – Montana and Idaho
1988 – Arizona
1988, 1989, 1990 – Texas
1992 – Utah, Wyoming, Montana
1993, 1994 – Utah

Started training in 1974.  In 1976, assumed teaching duties as a Red Belt.  In January 1979, opened studio in Burlington, Wisconsin.  December 1980, became a full-time instructor.  To date, has turned out 173 Black Belts.  At one time, had 16 affiliated schools.  In January 2000, resigned position with the AKF and went independent.