We expect our students to show respect for the history and teachings of Tae Kwon Do at all times.  This means that each and every student becomes an emissary of the Art.  At no time should we do anything in our everyday life that is not representative of a true martial artist.

Like all martial arts, Tae Kwon Do requires of its students, a great deal of devotion and commitment.  It demands continuous practice and sense of perfectionism.  The student, therefore, should cultivate the following attributes:

  1. Willingness to learn.
  2. Determination to achieve a goal, physically or mentally.
  3. Willingness to practice alone on a daily basis outside of class.
  4. Complete cooperation with the instructor and other classmates.

The student undergoes certain disciplinary procedures during a class period.  Complete obedience to the instructor is a must.  Respect for higher ranks and bowing before entering the Do-jang is a requirement.  Discipline should be the fundamental attitude and the most prominent characteristic observed in viewing a class.  Rough-housing in the training area before and after class, excessive and loud talking, chewing gum and whistling are absolutely prohibited.  The emphasis on self-control in the training area will eventually develop and carry over into ever facet of one’s life.

The Do-jang is where one comes to learn of humbleness and obedience, respect and good manners.  it is where one observes leadership and commitment, friendship and unity.  It is where one becomes physically tired, but mentally strong and energetic.

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