[ZIP] Album Download TAYLOR SWIFT LOVER Leaked Full Free

Taylor Swift Lover Full Album Download:

And then, shrewdly: But what if I do?” Pre-add Lover now and when it’s released on August 23, the entire album will be added to your library instantly. Taylor Swift’s ‘śLover’ť has an ad rolling in Taiwan that hints at a new song coming out on August 9th (August 10th there.) /u6U3EIsho0. The seventh studio album from Taylor Swift, Lover is out Friday 23rd August.

Check out Taylor Swift’s alleged Lover album tracklist, below: A fan has allegedly leaked Taylor Swift ‘s Lover album song tracklist online. That tradition, she said, continues with “The Archer,” which sounds like it’ll be one of the more intimate offerings from Lover — she said it shows “a glimpse into another side of the album” that previously released singles “ME!” and “Calm Down” didn’t cover.

Acting as an elaborate Easter egg hunt, Swift confirmed that all information about her upcoming album, such as the title overall, is hidden throughout the music video for ME!”— the lead single for the release. In late July, the singer unveiled the new Jack Antonoff-produced song , ‘The Archer.’ The track follows other new Lover songs ‘You Need to Calm Down’ and ‘Me!’ featuring Brandon Urie. The pop star’s seventh studio album, ‘Lover’ is set for release on 23 August.